Arriving into town in the dark is never much fun, but if you are riding in the monsoon, what with the rain delays and all, it's going to happen once in a while.

It's also fair to say that after negotiating an Indian highway in the dark, the cyclist's stress level is somewhere near 'rip the head off a donkey with your bare teeth'.

Trucks, buses, eye-splitting headlights, brain-demolishing air-horns, no street lighting and the ever present rogue pothole that will eat your bike and throw you, like the fool you are, onto the mercy of God and truck drivers... will affect you.

Within this sequence of events, Team Pumpy generally finds it's best to stop and get a cup of tea in a quiet cafe before you go in search of lodgings.

If you do choose to proceed straight to a hotel, you may find that the nice man in the white shirt behind the reception desk looks a lot better with his head in place, rather than appearing on Youtube under the title, 'Stressed out cyclist rips Indian hotel worker's head off after being told that the hot water is finished for the night!'

Tea is a good thing...