Above: There's a large Christian population in the South of India, and you will pass numerous statues and shrines to Mary and various other saints.

Whenever he passes a shrine to Mary, Mr Pumpy always gets off the bike recites the Cyclists Prayer. He claims it keeps him accident free.

The first Christian to arrive in India was Jesus' disciple, St Thomas (the Doubter), who cycled down into the subcontinent soon after the crucifixion.

Some Dead Sea Scroll scholars have come to believe that Thomas was Jesus' main man, chosen as his spiritual successor. Naturally this is disputed in Rome, but Mr Pumpy likes the sound of it.


I think St Thomas might have been the first overland cyclist, Feely!
What are you talking about? The bicycle wasn't invented until the 19th Century!
No, but I still think he might have!
Are you for real, Pumpy?!
It's a faith thing, Feely! I can't explain it!
Lordy, save me!