Above: The southern tip of India!

Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) is a sacred Hindu site, and pilgrims come from all over India to worship at the Temple of the Virgin Goddess (the Kanyakumari), visit the Vivekananda Memorial (to the left out of picture) and take a boat across to the huge standing statue of Thiruvalluvar (pictured).

Thiruvalluvar was a famous Tamil saint and author of the Thirukkural, written some 2000 years ago. I'm told it's out of copyright but still a good read. (Thanks to Saig, who emailed me with this handy tip!)

All of the above is good and dandy, except that you will be woken up at dawn along with the rest of the pilgrims, no matter what you tell the hotel guy. Fab if it's a ride day but kind of annoying if it's a rest day.