Above: For some people in India, the fun starts right at the airport!

Crazy India #3
Going ballistic!

If you spend enough time in India, you will eventually go "ballistic". There's no shame in this, it happens to everyone.

Mr Pumpy once travelled in India with an Australian friend named Julia. She was a very sensitive, attractive and intelligent woman. She was also blonde.

The amazing thing about Julia was that she never lost her cool, so that while those around her were busy flying off the handle at all things Indian, Julia remained quiet and complete, an oasis of calm in a swirling cauldron of frustration.

Then one day she went to the bank by herself to change some money. Whilst there, she jumped the counter and punched the bank manager. Right in the face! The bank manager then kindly complied with her request, and she left.

Mr Pumpy never looked at Julia in quite the same way again.

The Graph
The On-flow Experience!

Some Scientific Notes
1. Backpackers: The Off-flow Experience!
Backpackers, and especially blonde female backpackers, experience spontaneous uncontrolled emotional states, resulting in bad subjectivity ("Why is this happenning to me?!") and hastily rearranged air tickets (known as the Off-flow Experience!).

Scientific conclusion: Backpacking in India is painfull..

2. Cyclists: The On-flow Experience!
Within 24 hours, the cyclist slips quickly into an harmonic rhythm. The emotional register alternates between mildly and highly bemused, the perfect state in which to experience this fascinating, but sometimes confusing, landscape.

This is known in scientific cyling circles as "On-flow".

This On-flow experience is reinforced by the play between the feet, pedals and wheels, producing a 'single pointed' meditation. It is a calming, centering yet, invigorating state of mind-body symbiosis.

Note how the cyclist is able to maintain the On-flow indefinitely.

Scientific conclusion: Cycling in India is pleasurable.