In Malaysia they ride on the left side of the road (like all civilised folk - * see below). The above shot is taken in Kota Bharu, and even though it looks like a close call for Mr Pumpy, things generally work out pretty well on the road in Malaysia. The locals are courteous and careful. Stay cool, smile and wave a lot.

Kota Bharu is a bustling market town near the Thai border. Note the traditional Malay dress on the woman crossing the road on the right; bright yellows, reds, blues and greens and a flowing elegance. Beautiful!

* The historic reason as to why we drive on the left is because one mounts a horse from the left side, and it's safer to mount from the curb than the centre of the road. The same applies to mounting a bike. It's Mr Pumpy's dream to become World Bike Dictator and make everybody drive on the left. (That's only one of the milder changes Mr Pumpy would make; if you'd like to know the rest, email me.)