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Updated: May 2003
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The World

Bicycle Tales from Asia, Australia and Africa: Gaerlan Cycles, USA

As the title says, bike tales from everywhere!. Stories submitted by different folk. A great resource.

Trackster Man: Pete Jones, UK
Cycling the The Karakorum Highway - 1300 km of road stretching from Pakistan and Kashgar, across the Himalaya to China. Also Tibet , SE Asia, Nepal, Morocco and Scotland. "Kashgar is just great, the best cycling I've done!" says Pete. Pete likes mountains and gets around, check him out!

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages : Ken Kifer, USA
This is the sort of idiosyncratic site that I like: full to the brim with useful information and flavoured with the personal touch. Contains useful stuff on bicycle touring, travelogues, fitness, safety, bicycling advocacy and cycling humor.

Mad cyclistBiking through Asia : Christoph Sauser, Switzerland
Be good, or the Sauser will get you! In Tibet they tell tales of a legendary ape- man who rides through villages at night abducting chickens and bathing in yak dung! In real life, Christoph's into lone fun cycling through Russia, Turkey, Iran, India, Tibet. Impressive stuff.

The Yak Site : Claude Marthaler, Switzerland
Claude has crossed Africa, India, China, South Korea and Japan and a little run from Alaska down to Tierra del Fuergo. Mr Pumpy is extremely impressed, and you should be too.

Cycling around the World : Anja de Graaf and Paul van Roekel, Holland
Anja and Paul cycled 30,000 kms through Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This is a superb site, beautifully designed, documenting the routes, the people and the experience. In Dutch and English.

Ride in Orbit : Rory McMullan
Ride in Orbit is a Taiwan based bicycle advocacy site run by Rory. He organises Free to Join bike rides throughout Asia. Free to Join bike Rides are cycling tours that anyone can join, free of charge, simply paying your own way.

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages: Jan Boonstra, Netherlands/South Korea

Jan's been cycling since 1962 and this is one of the original cycling web sites. He has ridden Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Namibia. Yes, he's an active guy! Check out his stories, photos and maps.

Karl Brodowski's Bicycle Tour Links: Karl Brodowsky, Germany
A superb links page to cycling trips everywhere. A first class resource.

Nick & Hannah's trip pages: Nick Anderson, UK
A beautiful and informative website detailing rides in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Burma, Laos and Malaysia. Nick writes: "As the result of a drunken decision in Prague, we ditched our jobs, let out our flat in London and went off on our bikes." Well, that's one way to solve your drinking problem! Go Nick and Hannah!

CYCLE 2001: Hanoi, Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand via Laos: Derek Vann, Canada
Over 60? Think you can't cycle Asia? Well, think again! Meet Derek and John, they're both in their 60s. and love nothing more than going cycling in Tibet (where they met) and Southeast Asia. A straightforward and informative website.

The Cyclists' Yellow Pages: Not-for-profit organization, Michael Deme, USA
The Adventure Cycling Association is America’s premier member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to bicycle travel. It has 37,000 members! A first class resource, and if you love bikes, worth supporting.

Mekong Delta : Dr Alex Lemon, USA
Mr Pumpy's cosmetic surgeon, Dr Alex Lemon, USA Dr Alex has some photos of a cycle trip through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
At left : This won't hurt a bit, Pumpy!

Vietnam Cycle Tour 2001 : Greg O'Hara
Photos of a cycle trip through Vietnam. A good visual resource.

Cycling the South of Thailand: Brian DeSousa, USA

In Thailand? Living in a bar in Pattaya? Well, it's time you got out and got healthy! Brian, who doesn't live in a bar, will tell you all about riding the Pattaya/Rayong area of Thailand.

Cycling around the Moluccas : Vincent Roelofs, Holland
Vince's site documents a journey through the 'Spice Islands' (east of Sulawesi) by bike and boat. It's full of stories, characters and exquisite photos. Exciting!

Bikebrats: Andy and pal, USA

"Around the world with two pairs of underwear", so says the sub-head. And 'everywhere' they've been, including Cuba. Check 'em out - they're young, they're brash, they're gay - they're the Bikebrats!

Cyber Cyclery: USA

Great wide ranging database/links page on the USA and the world. Also resources on anything bike.

International Bicycle Fund: NGO

An interesting site; have a poke around. The IBF promotes cycling worldwide and carries stories on Africa and Central and South America amongst others. In-country bicycle contacts, events, statistics, pictures and well, lots of things for the globaly minded biker.

Round the 'wurld' with our bikes : Caroline Barrett & David Artindale, UK
Through the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe with Carol and Dave! ETA in the UK mid-2002.

The Angkor Portal - Ron Morris, Thailand
Extensive news, links, travel information and quirky bits of info. on Cambodia from Ron Morris. Ron is an expat American living in Bangkok who zips off to Cambodia whenever he can. A great resource.

BikeReader A Rider's Digest - Scott Munn, UK

A one-stop shop for quality bicycle writing. Entertaining stories from Laos to Africa and all points in-between. "The Tunisians are not used to cyclists..." Oh, dear, looks like trouble!

Trento Bike Pages: Andreas Caranti, Italy

A heap of interesting stories and information about biking in Europe and the Mediterranean. Feel like a jaunt through Albania? How about the Ukraine? This is the place to look.

Jeroen's Romania Pages: Jeroen van Marle, Netherlands

This is an extensive look into Romania and one of my favourite sites for it's sheer volume of information and love of subject. If you zip back to the Home Page, you can get to Jeroen's 'Central and Eastern European' sections.

Cycling around the world: Ben, the mad Dutchman
Ben has enthusiastically cycled the world on his recumbent. Includes a trip through Eastern Europe and down through Asia.

Beijing to Bangkok on a tandem : Abee & Ian, UK

Six months; six countries and 6,000 miles on a tandem through Japan, South Korea, China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand and they only fell off once. Pretty good going!

Scottish Bike Routes: John Brewer, Scotland

A very funky little site, this one. Beautifully designed, great maps and if Scotland's your bag, this is the place to go. John also has a superb links page for biking the world, one of the best I've seen.

Biking the Indian Himalaya: Per & Elisabeth Lowdin, Sweden

Biking in Himachal Pradesh, Lahul, Spiti, Ladakh, Nubra and Rupshu. Incredible photos, incredible area. You'll need a fast Net comnnection though, as the pics are rather large. Also biking in Sweden and the Alps.

Bicycle sites in Chicago and very far from Chicago: J Fazio, USA
A cycling link site for Chicago and the world. Lots of interesting destinations on all six continents.

Bikeabout: Elizabeth Guffey, USA

BikeAbout aims to increase children's knowledge of the world by riding 'wired' - globally linked up through schools along the way. Check out their Mediterranean loop! Michael Lu
Asia's mountain biking portal! A very active site. Rides, activities and links to Asia's Mountain Biking and outdoor sports community.

Tandeming: Linda See, Malaysia
Detailed cycling loops through Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam on a tandem.

Biking in Slovenia : Alex Jahn, Slovenia
Another friend of Mr Pumpy's hits the bike trail. Alex is an animator living in Slovenia and his site details some rides around this extremely picturesque country.

bike-map: Steve Spindler, USA

Riding Pennsylvania, USA? This is the place to go!

Angelika& Walter's MTB Asia site (in German), Austria
If I could read it I'm sure it'd be great! An extensive description of trips through Laos and Thailand.

New! Cycling in Taiwan: David, Australia

Information and links related to cycling in Taiwan. Details of some rides around Taipei that can be done as day trips.

New! Cheryl's cycling cyber site
Other than being Cheryl's self proclaimed 16 mins of fame (I thought everyone got 15 mins? - Ed.), this site aims to unite all the informative, up-to-date bicycle touring sites together in one comprehensive list. A helpful and funky resource.


Randy & Jodi's Cycling Website: Randy - USA, Jodi - Australia
A fun and informative website from a couple of very active cyclists, based in the world's most livable city, Melbourne, Australia. Includes a Round Australia cycle trip.

Aussie Cycling Links: Alban McGuinness, Australia

Great links to scores of Australian cycling pages. Browse by name, location or category. It's all automated! Just click!

Bicycle Fish: Grace Newhaven, Adelaide
International Links:
Good site about all things bike in Australia by someone who knows his stuff. The International Links page is especially good with information about rides all over the world.

Pedal Power ACT: Australia

Pedal Power acts as a rallying point for cycling action and interests in the Australian Capital Territory.

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Bali & Beyond: David Atkinson, Australia

A rich and idiosyncratic journey into Bali, Java & Malaysia, full of photos, people and quirky observations. David is the senior lecturer at the Animation & Interactive Media School at RMIT University, Australia and has spent thirty years in and around Bali. Highly recommended.

Asian Cultural Links : Bart Gierson, USA

This site has links to all things Asian, from 'Free Burma' to 'People of Vietnam'. Bart has travelled the length and breadth of Asia and is currently (April 03) on the road somewhere between the Cook Islands and Basra. I met Bart on the Everest trek in 1984.

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Vientiane Times : Website of the Vientiane Times Newspaper
Daily news from Laos. (Including a link to a 'Mr Bumpy' on the Feb 5 page!)

The Voice Of Cambodia Radio International : Website of Cambodia Radio

Daily news from Cambodia. If you want to receive daily email updates, you can be added to the subscription list.
Sometimes slow to load up.

Vietnam Central : An internet search site for all things Vietnamese
A very handy site if you're into Vietnam. Search by culture, entertainment, travel, government and history, to name a few. Stories about the 'The Fall of Saigon' and 'History of the War'. A great resource.

The Australia - East Timor web site
Latest news
, action and links to everything East Timorese. East Timor recently became independent from Indonesia after a troubled and bloody handover of power. This site will keep you in touch with the latest developments.

Amnesty International: Worldwide Human Rights Watchdog

It's not all fun and games in Asia. Amnesty International works to protect human rights worldwide. Check 'em out, support 'em. Go Amnesty!

David's Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry Links: David Willshire, Australia

If you flip out big time on the road, this site could be of some help. David is a cyclist, hypnotist and forensic psychologist - not a bad combination! His site is a links page to everything from Serial Killing to Sex Offending. Could be handy. Take a ride on the dark side....

Mr Pumpy's Links | Bike | Travel | Commercial | Other |

Please note: Products, services and organisations listed in this section may be of interest to readers. No endorsement is implied by Mr Pumpy. However, I've either met or been in email contact with all the people below, and I can endorse them as decent folk.

Asia - cycling tours

VeloAsia: Patrick and the boys, USA

Cycling adventures in Vietnam and Asia. VeloAsia run a nice little operation and if you're looking for a group tour, check 'em out. Patrick has a good sense of humour, and likes monkeys.
Personally, I'm attracted to gibbons, and Patrick and I have been debating this important monkey-gibbon question by email for many years now. You might like to join our discussion.

Cycling Southeast Asia: Rich Fuller
Rich lives in Saigon and runs low-tech, hands-on cycling tours in Vietnam and Indonesia. In Vietnam, he specialises in the Mekong Delta region, where he knows all the back roads and undiscovered spots. In Indonesia, he rides in North Sulawesi, a place of exquisite beauty and friendly folk.

Cycling the Riau Straits Islands: Evan Jones, USA

These islands, just south of Singapore, have no cars - only narrow tracks used by villagers and bikers. Sounds relaxing.

New! Click and Travel Ltd. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Etienne Daniels, Belgium/Thailand
Etienne Daniëls is the youngest of eighteen children! My God! He also runs a cycling operation in Chiang Mai with his Thai wife. (I wonder if she knows about the Daniëls family maxi-child policy?) Etienne's approach is responsible and ecologically sound cycling tourism, and having fun at the same time.

Moulton Bikes - The Monty Python of the cycling world! : Moulton Bikes, UK
Those wacky Brits! Check out the Moulton bike. Developed in England, along with Monty Python, the Sex Pistols and David Brent. Quirky and good.

Bike Friday - Marc Erickson
Named after Robinson Crusoe's trusty companion, Bike Friday is "the suitcase travel bicycle". Folds up small, rides up big! One solution to travelling with your bicycle.

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